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Insight #6 — Book on Prophecy Still Available

Is the Antichrist alive?
What is the meaning of 666?
When does the Millennium begin?
Should prophecy be interpreted literally?
When did God stop His prophetic clock?
How many “great tribulations” are there?
What does the Bible predict about Rome?
Who will be left behind when Jesus returns?
Does God plan another temple in Jerusalem?
Has Daniel’s 70-weeks prophecy been fulfilled?

Nobody Left Behind will help you explore major Bible prophecies in depth. It will help you distinguish truth from theory by looking at Bible verses in context.

Nobody Left Behind: Insight into “End-Time” Prophecies was first published in 2004 and continues to be available on Amazon in English and in Spanish. The Amazon page contains an abundance of information, including their great “Look Inside.”

FREE: The complete book is now available in PDF format, totally free.