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Insight #310 – Steering Wheel Barometer

September 24, 2020.

A barometer on your steering wheel? No. Your steering wheel is a barometer.

How do you react behind the wheel? What I do behind the wheel may serve as a barometer of my actions, my attitudes, and my soul – even when I am not behind the wheel. Consider:

What Does S-T-O-P Spell?

S = Slow
T = temporarily
O = or
P = partially

Does that describe your response when you spot that octagonal red sign? Take a moment to reflect. Do you bend other laws? Do you kind-of do what God says? Half-way do? Grudgingly do? Maybe a little need for patience here. Maybe a need to ask yourself if you are above the law. Above God’s law?

What Does Y-I-E-L-D Mean?

Does it mean step on the gas to get ahead of the car already in the highway? Or does it mean to slow down a bit to let that car keep going without her slamming on the brakes because of you. And how about when there is no yield sign? Do we do what we safely can to help that guy on our bumper get past us? Do I have the attitude of “it’s my road – get out of my way!”? In my day-to-day walk, am I willing to be inconvenienced, even a bit, for the sake of others?

What Is that Horn Button For?

Do we use it as a friendly toot? Do we use it to warn of danger? Or is it a button to express our anger? Someone is blocking the way, going too slow, driving and texting, whatever. I am afraid that too much of the time horn honking is an expression of anger or frustration. How easily do you express self-centered and impatient anger when not behind the wheel?

What Does 65 MPH Mean?

Maybe Police Here – so slow down to 65? Do I, do you, do we live differently when someone is looking? Is our private life different than our public life? Is the idea that God sees all we do simply good material for a Sunday sermon? Or is it a reality in our daily life? And keep in mind He not only sees the bad but also the good.

Distracted Driving?

The kids in the back seat. The car on your bumper. The phone ringing. Drinking coffee. Chances are we also get distracted in many ways as we “drive” through life. Martha “was distracted with much serving” (Luke 10:38-42). Feeding Jesus was a super-good work. But she was so concerned about making it a super spread that she didn’t even want her sister listening to Jesus. Life is full of distractions to drive us off the narrow highway.

Next time you are behind the wheel, take a barometer reading.