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Insight #50 — Loving Your Marriage

September 17, 2000.

Whatever does loving your marriage have to do with prophecy? Before I answer that good question, I must tell you about a book by the above title. A few weeks ago, I first learned of this book, bought it and read it in a couple of days. Excellent!

This is not your typical marriage-improvement book. Jerry B. Jenkins, the author, explores the dangers which Christian spouses face in the work place and even in the church. He is in touch with real life (and with the Word). Originally published under the simple title “Hedges,” Jenkins offers real-life examples of good Christian marriages which ended in ruin because of the lack of proper protective barriers around the marriage.

Prophecy? Read Paul’s predictions of “perilous times” in 2 Timothy 3. Paul heads the list with lovers of self and continues with lack of self-control and lovers of pleasure. Perfect descriptions of our present age with its if-it-is-good-for-you-and-if-it-feels-good-do-it mentality. For so many today, marriage vows have little more validity than presidential-campaign promises. From the White House to the little white church in the countryside, too many Americans love themselves more than they love their mate and more than they love their marriage.

Jenkins’ book is not so much about those who start out with the attitudes just mentioned. It is rather about those who slip into these attitudes, either because they lack understanding of what can happen or because they think they are strong enough to let their guard down. Words fail to do justice to the book. Just buy it at your favorite neighborhood or on-line bookstore. If you are not thankful you bought the book, I will buy it from you. Read it and share it with family, friends and church. It just might save a marriage–maybe yours or maybe someone else’s. Do not fulfill Paul’s prophecy!